Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Inspired By [Travel]

I've started the process of getting ready for our big trip! Mapping things out, checking the weather [it's 66 degrees there today!] so I'll know what we should pack, getting all the boys' gear situated for their time with family, trying to catch up on sleep before we go [because I'm sure I won't be getting much sleep while we are there!]...I gotta be honest with you, though, I'm wishing we could skip over the getting there part and just be there. But looking at pretty luggage, chic hotel stationary, maps and ML's incredibly adorable passport, the travel part becomes a little bit more fun...just a little...

[IMAGE CREDITS: Top Row: Ellen Silverman, Style Me Pretty, Lonny suitcases; Middle Row: Kate Murphy Photography, Smallable Birds Rose Suitcase, Kate Spade; Bottom Row: Style Me Pretty, Clever Nettle via Black Eiffel, Martha suitcases]
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