Friday, January 27, 2012

He's Six

It was 6 years ago today that our baby boy came into the world. It's been the case in our family that each of our kids' labors have been true to their personalities. Spencer was born on a Friday, but my labor had started on the Tuesday before. I had intense contractions for two hours and then they just stopped. That Friday, we ate a big pancake breakfast [I know, not the smartest thing to eat before you give birth!] at Avalon Diner in Houston, TX and headed over to the my doctor's office to see what was going on. Turns out I was already dilated 6 inches and since it was my 2nd, the doctor was concerned about sending me back out into the world for the weekend. Thankfully while I was there, I had some strong contractions and was sent to delivery. I can remember saying to the nurse "Maybe this one is going to be my easy-going one, a stop and smell the roses kind of guy." Both of which couldn't be more true about the perfect little man that was born that day.

He's never in much of a hurry -- always on "Spencie-time" -- and doesn't get his feathers ruffled too often. He can find contentment in just being. He could snuggle for hours, happy just to be with you in that moment. He has a passion for art, and has started telling people "I'm going to be a designer like my mom." I almost start crying every time he says it, too. It is an absolute joy to be his mother.

[PHOTO: Laura Negri Photography]

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Atlanta // Westside Provisions District

I'm still playing catch-up with holiday travel photos! One of my favorite places to shop & dine while we are in Atlanta is the Westside Provisions District. There are several options for creative, delicious food, and no shortage of unique shops.

My favorite spot to eat is JCT Kitchen [don't miss the lemon drops dispenser on the way out the door!] and my favorite shop is Seed Factory. I had lots of fun in the Jonathan Adler, too, though!

[PS: Laura took our family pictures here two summers ago]

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

b.wise papers for Minted // Valentines

It's time to start thinking about sending the love! I've got several new Valentine designs at Minted this year. Here's a little sampling:

[Happy Love Day]

[Bold XOXO] There's a complementing stationery set for this design [shown in the banner at the bottom].

Some classroom Valentines for the kiddos:

[Be Mine Classroom Valentine]

[Alien Classroom Valentine]

And don't forget address labels! Minted's signature skinny wrap label is an excellent addition to any envelope:

[Bold XOXO Skinny Wrap Address Label]

Find more designs in my Minted Storefront!

Minted Valentine's Day Gifts

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My Kind of Town.

Chicago. Reg and I just got back from a few days there just the two of us. It was glorious. It didn't hurt that we had unseasonably nice weather, but the city itself is pretty unbeatable. This was my first venture to the windy city, and I fell in love with it -- the art, the architecture, the people, the public transportation, the food. Oh my, the food.

We whiled away a few hours at the Art Institute, and walked and walked and walked some more. I miss being in a walking city. There's so much going on! My favorite restaurant of the trip was The Publican [pictured middle row, far left]. I'm still dreaming about their cauliflower gratin. And the brussels sprout salad was surprisingly delicious [I wasn't sure how shredded brussels would taste]. Our server was outstanding and the overall experience was excellent. We also ate at Girl and the Goat, which was also delicious. It had the potential to be my favorite, but the hosting staff there was a bit persnickety. I don't much care for persnickety hostesses. Regardless, our server was fantastic and so was the food. Plus, they get extra credit for that adorable goat [pictured top row, far right].

If you've never been, you must go!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Hello, 2012

I'm not back in the studio just yet, but I wanted to pop in and wish you all a Happy New Year! Since we stayed at home over Christmas, we spent the weekend celebrating with family in Atlanta. The kids have been quite the troopers with all the extended celebrations/present opening. I kid, of course. I've yet to meet a child that doesn't like opening presents. Or an adult for that matter. Which, speaking of presents, I had a bit of a love affair with tinsel this holiday season, one that I don't think will be ending anytime soon. It's such a happy thing.

Here's to great things in 2012!
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