Wednesday, July 29, 2009

School Days

We just picked up the registration packet for KINDERGARTEN!! I cannot believe that I will have a son in Elementary School. I recently came across these pictures {via the girl in the green dress} of a school designed by die baupiloten...can you imagine a school like this in the states??!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Pain in the...

...Groceries! We had such a fun and successful weekend with my parents and sister -- doors are back on, a little repainting {I never would've done this had my sister not been here because I am SO tired of painting. BUT it was definitely worth it! I was not happy with one of the colors we had picked out, but was going to live with it until Weez had an inspiration and we went for to come of the entryway as soon as I can get the paper off the floor and art on the wall...}, cookouts, baseball and a little Apples to Apples {such a fun game if you've never played it}. Anyway, this morning they left, and I was left with the task of getting our house moving for the week. This free printable list {above} from Vale Design made me smile as I set off this morning to stock us up...not only does it have a sense of humor, but it also gets point for organization without being too overwhelming.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Belated Cake Date

[June 1982 - that's me on the right]

My parents and sister are coming down this weekend to help us try and get this house in order. This trip was supposed to have happened three weeks ago, so we could also celebrate my mom's birthday, but because our closing got pushed back and then the floors needed to be refinished, etc, etc, it's just now happening. So, celebrate we between installing doors [no, we don't have doors up yet -- can you say awkward when a contractor needs to use the restroom??!], putting in molding, and the various other things that we will try to get accomplished. The boys are especially excited because Agnes [my sister's chihuahua] will be coming as well...and there will be cake!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Space for Everyone

It's safe to say that this move and renovation while keeping up with mothering and work has down right sapped all the energy from me, and there's not a whole lot left over for blogging, so posts may be a little sparse for a bit. But I'm still here! I hope to have some pictures of the new place soon once we can get through these boxes and put some finishing touches on the place, but in the meantime, I was totally inspired by this family playroom featured in this months Cookie magazine. We have a large room in the back of our house that I want to use as a studio for me and a playroom/art room for the boys. I've already hinted to Ben about the built-ins and sink [genius] -- just one of many things on his list right now!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Time to Roll

The movers are scheduled for 8:30 AM!  I'm so excited to be moving in, but if I were honest, what I'd really like to be doing tomorrow would be lounging in this bad boy [the Flight Recliner from Design Within Reach] and catching up on all the Bravo I've missed over the past year.  Speaking of which, does anyone know when/if Flipping Out is coming back?  

Friday, July 10, 2009

If I were in the market for...

...a changing table and bassinet, I'd definitely consider these options:

{image from Cookie Magazine; one creative couple transformed a Sunex car-tools cart into the hippest changing table. Bonus: it already comes in that rockin' yellow.
Get more details about the transformation here.}

{the Culla Sinue crib by Daniela Avaltroni, via Moco Loco}

{is it wrong how much I like the bassinets at the hospital?? I like how they roll and that they are clear. You can also prop up the plastic part if the little guy or gal is having issues with reflux. A little industrial looking, but you could totally soften it up with baskets and blankets. Beware that as simple as this looks, it will set you back a pretty penny -- $650 at Blickman}

{I also think this hammock by Kanoe is pretty nifty, although I'm not so sure I'd want to be trying to get a newborn out of it in the middle of the night when I'm half awake. On the other hand, it might be really convenient for a middle of the night rocking to try to get just one more hour of sleep! A big plus: it's made of organic cotton}

Since this is #3 for us, we've pretty much got everything covered. Even things that I had given away because I was tired of moving them, I'll be able to borrow from my sister. The one thing that I do really want? A rocking chair/glider. A nice, big, cozy one. One you could doze off in comfortably. I'm just saying...

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Rain, Rain

We've been getting quite a bit of rain here recently, so when I saw these Paul Frank for Target umbrellas {I don't see them on their website as of now} today, I was excited to get them for the boys. At first, there was a little disappointment that they didn't have Spiderman on them, but that was forgotten once they started using them. And they are very easy for kids to open and close by themselves {no metal latch things they'd have to hold down}...

In other rainy merchandise, I came across these cool nursery rhyme prints by Sub-Studio:

{this rhyme has been stuck in my head of late!}

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Panic Room Maternity Series

My friend, Hilary, just posted a link to the blog Pacing the Panic Room. The author/photographer/husband/father takes the coolest pictures documenting his wife's pregnancy. The compositions could really be American Apparel can check it out here.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Renovation Daze

My goodness -- where have the days gone?? I guess that's what happens when you are in the land of renovation. All the rooms have paint on the walls, a wall has been opened up, new walnut floor put down in the kitchen, cabinets are primed and ready to go...what else? I'm taking the boys to my parents this weekend while Reggie refinishes the hardwood floors. After that we should be ready to move in, and I cannot wait. I'll have some progress pictures up soon.

In the meantime, check out this tutorial on reusing those tackola mini-blinds -- such a great, green, budget-friendly way to make your windows happy [via Re-Nest, from the blog Little Green Notebook]...think I might give it a try in our bathrooms...
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