Friday, August 29, 2008


Umm...wish I could host a party in this house this weekend...

....and then just live in it!

[all images from this article in the NY Times on Clive Wilkinson]

Thursday, August 28, 2008

New School Shoes

Growing up, we always got a new pair of shoes for the new school year. There was nothing like getting to wear those shoes out the door of the shoe store, and it was always so exciting for me. My boys don't really care that much about it - at least not yet - but it is still fun for me to get them new shoes for the school year. The tricky thing is that I don't want to spend a lot of money on them, seeing as they will inevitably get destroyed [as well they should] with all their activity, but I still want them to look good. So this year, I got my 2-yr-old a pair of navy blue Keds [probably the last year I can get away with Keds; there is something so stinking cute about a wild little boy running around in lace-up Keds] and my 4-yr-old a pair of black velcro Converse All-Stars [he put his crocs on by himself all summer, so maybe, just maybe he can master the velcro!] The Keds are $20 and the Converse $25 [I know you can get cheaper shoes, say at Target, but I've found that these brands hold up a lot better].
[Scooter Keds]

[Converse Kids' All Star 2 Strap]

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Laura Negri Photography

While I was in Atlanta, I met up with a friend of mine from college, Laura, who is such a talented photographer. I got to see her lovely studio and peruse all her beautiful pictures. Her company, Laura Negri Photography, does both weddings and portraits, and I am excited to be able to use some of her work in the 08 holiday line for b.wise papers! [which, by the way, will be coming out soon!]

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Snack Ball

I don't know about you, but I am not a big fan of those snack cups with the plastic gripper things that supposedly keep the snacks from falling out. Never liked them. This could partly be because they are not very attractive, and as I have fully admitted, I prefer to buy things that have a pleasant appearance. So, I came across this snack ball on the Land of Nod website and thought it was so well designed - love the colors and the flip-top especially. Also, the mission of the company that makes them [Boon] is awesome: to create "nothing but the most innovative gear—and [keep] it affordable." Rock on!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Hippie Tipi

Things are still a little insane around here...boys start school Wednesday and I'm thinking then maybe my brain can catch-up with the rest of me! In the meantime, I'm wondering if I bought this tent for their room if they would actually sit in it and do something quiet. I highly doubt it; most likely, it would end up toppled over on the floor...but it sure is nice to look at!

[Hippie Tipi tent available here]

Friday, August 22, 2008


I was perusing the August issue of In Style magazine and noticed this dress by Theory...

which totally made me think of this print from Project Runway's Terri in the Big Lights/Big City challenge...

And both make me think of this...

I'm not sure if I would wear either of the outfits [not because they aren't nice outfits, just not really my style], but the prints are kinda growing on me. On a side note, I had a moment of sadness Wednesday night when I discovered that we don't get Bravo on our new cable plan. About 17 ESPN channels and no Bravo. So sad.

Anyway, have a great weekend - we will be exploring this new city!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Born in September

So, I stumbled upon this website while I was perusing the Theory website [I like their clothes, what can I say?].  The organization is called Charity:Water, and their mission is to bring clean drinking water to developing nations by building freshwater wells, rainwater catchments and sand filters.  If you go onto their home page, you will see a gift with a red bow and this question Born in September? I was born in September, so I was intrigued and clicked the present.  Turns out, if your birthday is in September, you can create a webpage where friends and family can donate to the charity as a birthday gift.  How cool is that?  The goal is to raise $1.5 million in one month, which will give 150,000 people access to clean water.  The guy who started the organization turns 33 next month [hence the 333 communities they want to help] and I know there are some big time matching donations, too.  I haven't created my webpage yet [the unpacking is endless when you have two "helpers"] but plan to, hopefully soon.

[The image above was taken by the founder, Scott Harrison, and was part of a Theory installation to support the charity through their Icon Project]

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Back On!

Well, we've made it to our new apartment.  We've been trying to unpack while the boys have been destroying everything in sight.  Just got the internet hooked up, and then I unpacked the beauty that I am currently using [pictured above].  Yes, folks, I got a new mac.  It's lovely.  Makes me very happy.  I can't decide what I like most about taking a new Mac out of the box, but the fact that you literally just plug it into the wall and turn it on is huge.  And I also really like that the box holding the keyboard, mouse, etc. says "Designed by Apple in California."  There it is, my secret crush on California.  I'm off for some more unpacking and file loading...anyone want to join me?!

Friday, August 15, 2008


This weekend, my sweetie and I will celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary!  The picture above is of us getting pummeled with birdseed, and while it looks cool in the picture that stuff was everywhere.  I was still picking birdseed out of my hair the next day!  We went to a wedding this spring of some close friends who also had birdseed thrown at them while they were leaving.  I think this picture actually shows a shot fired by my husband [it was his turn after all  - this was the friend who did not even untie the packets of birdseed before launching them at us!]...  

And so, I am curious...what did you have or would you like to have thrown at your wedding?

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Weezie's Faves + Craves

If she had an afternoon to browse a store... would be at Charlotte Moss, NYC

Favorite Appliance...

[She has one at home and wants to buy one for the office!]

All-time Favorite Movie...

Favorite Handbag...

Favorite Magazine...
[this is a toss-up between two - Southern Accents and Veranda]

Favorite Place to buy antiques...

[Anna Louise says the owners, Channing and Floyd, are the sweetest people,
and they are really handsome!]

Current Favorite Restaurant in Atlanta...

Murphy's in Virginia Highlands
[I  can personally attest to this one - 
went there this past weekend for a baby shower brunch, and 
the food was yummy and staff awesome]

What she's currently listening to...

Her Electronic Wish...

New Favorite Wine...

[The label is from a 14th century French Tapestry]

Top Coffee Table Books...

An Affair with a House, Bunny Williams

A Flair for Living, Charlotte Moss

And if she could travel anywhere tomorrow, it would be to...

The Pulitzer Hotel in Amsterdam
[Ummm...could you take me with you please?!]

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Aunt Weezie's, Part Two

Every time I see this bed I just want to jump on it!  It's always so fluffy and soft.  One of the major things that Anna Louise accomplished in this apartment is her compensation for the lack of architectural features.  The bead board in the main rooms helps add texture and interest, but the bedroom is seriously four walls with three small windows.  By going big with fabric and layering different textures the room now has depth, and it is warm and inviting instead of dull and boring.

[The secretary was my grandmothers and is one of Weezie's favorite pieces of furniture.]

Her favorite things in the room [besides the secretary]...

Rose Medallion vase she bought at Joseph Konrad Antiques

A remnant from her days as an art historian, the book Northern Renaissance Art...the cover painting is also one of her faves, Madonna and the Church by artist Jan Van Eyck.
[Her dog's middle name is "Van Eyck" after all!]

[Fabrics she would like to incorporate in the future]

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Aunt Weezie's, Part One

Here's the scoop on the parents have been gracious enough to turn over their basement while Anna Louise is saving for a house.  She moved in right after she came back from grad school and proceeded to remove every last bit of furniture that was down there [I'll have to take some pictures of the basement storage space, which is insane!].  

One cool thing is that Weezie has used mostly furniture that was our grandparents or that she has gotten at outlet malls and antique dealers for outstanding deals.  The sofa, for example, is a sleeper sofa she bought for around $300 at the Storehouse outlet [the feet needed some work, which my dad fixed in about an hour].  She eventually found some fabric she liked and had it recovered.  She's a resourceful gal, and not afraid of a little negotiating to get the price she wants!

[One big thing she wants to change would be to get an antique linen press 
for a TV armoire.]

I love the way these books look here...
[probably partly because books would never stay that neat at my house!]

[Who are those cute boys all over that bulletin board?!]

Her favorite things in the room...

A piece of English porcelain she bought on Portobello Road in London

Delft man from Holland

And her biggest splurge...Brunschwig & Fils animal print fabric

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