Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Funny Valentine

The other day, I was emptying papers out of Spencer's backpack, and I came across this:

and thought, "My sweet angel, he's already made me a Valentine Card." Then I tried to decipher the picture on the inside:

My first thought was that he'd drawn a picture of how I give him back & foot rubs before bed, which is truly one of the highlights of his day. I couldn't wait to confirm my suspicions when he got home. Here's how the conversation went:

ME: "I found this in your backpack -- thank you!! You are so sweet to make this for me. Tell me about the picture."

S, pointing to the left side: "That's you watching TV."

And now pointing to the right: "And that's you laying in bed reading a book."

Now in my head I'm thinking, OH NO!! Is that what he thinks I do all day?? Watch TV and lay in bed reading?? My child thinks I'm a bum! And what did his teacher think when she saw this?? She's must think I'm such a slacker! And what are those black boxes under the bed??? We look like the next episode of hoarders!

I tried not to let any of this show on my face and investigated further:

ME: "Hmmm, tell me why you put those two things on the card?"

S: "Because I thought you really liked it when you got to relax."

So sincere and so thoughtful. And true. I really do like it when I have the chance to sit in bed and read a book. Or watch some TV. In his sweet little mind, he was drawing two things that he thought made me happy, not thinking at all "My mom is such a bum!" I love the way this card speaks to the person he is becoming, thinking about other people and what they like, not just what they do for him. But it still does make me laugh every time I look at it -- there's old mom just lazin' it up! And the black boxes under the bed? Ben's guitars. Their cases really are under our bed, but hopefully that's not a hoarding tendency!

Happy Valentine's Day!
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