Monday, August 17, 2009

Number Seven

Ben and I celebrate our seventh anniversary today! We actually already celebrated last week with a night away while grandparents watched the boys, but today is the actual day. It was so nice to get away and just be the two of us even if just for a little bit. You know, things like starting a conversation and finishing it in one sitting without interruption -- you forget what that is like.

Our wedding cake was amazing -- so delicious, so beautiful. I wish I could have a recreation every year. It was a vanilla cake with lemon filling, and had Fondant icing on the outside with an inside layer of Buttercream frosting. Scrumptious. What you don't see in this picture is my cousin in the background urging me to smash a piece in Ben's face...I didn't, but he was definitely making me laugh.

And now I'm curious, what kind of cake did you have or do you want to have at your wedding?


MaryBeth said...

I was married 20 years ago, December. I had seen a wedding cake that looked like stacked Tiffany boxes. So that is what I did. Inside was plain white cake but it was and is my favorite. MB

chilly said...

Happy Anniversary! Tell Ben congrats on making it past the 7 year... oh wait, tell him to hunker down through the 7 year itch for me.

erika said...

happy anniversary! today is my parents annivesary too!
we had strawberry cake with cream cheese frosting! it was delicious! the cake was frosted in white and had layers of green hydrangeas between it. I've been craving cake like crazy lately... now I want to go home and bake one!!

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