Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Whole New World

Pink is a new color in our house, and it makes me smile when I see it peaking out of the laundry. Baby girl still wears her share of blue, but we are slowly stocking up on girl clothes...like this adorable outfit from BabyGap that a sweet little 7-yr-old girl picked out for her:

Baby girl also received her first doll from my mom:

Not to worry, though -- nothing is too precious around here -- it didn't take long for the box to be decorated with a multi-eyed alien in the midst of battle!


Kit said...

Alston! I know, isn't it so fun and weird to see pink in the laundry?! I remember that feeling so well.
And, so strange, but that is the EXACT same doll given to Lucy at her birth by my mother in law.
Love to you all!

nkp said...

Ha! Love that! My husband has always said if we have a girl, we'd go bankrupt. Oh the clothes! The shoes! I just couldn't control myself. :0)

Trish said...

Baby Huggums! What every little girl needs!

Heather said...

I love this post! We have the opposite - all the blues and greens. I love it and I'm glad you're enjoying little Maggie so much...and that the boys are keeping it real with the alien drawings. :)

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