Thursday, April 22, 2010

Nice Bike

In honor of Earth Day today, I'm going to talk about one of my favorite modes of transportation -- the bike. Being pregnant and having an infant has seriously decreased my use of said mode, and I miss it. But Miss Mags is almost old enough to use the bike seat, so I'm gearing back up. Parking on campus is a nightmare, so I'm looking forward to biking over to meet Ben for lunch. We do, however, need to get the front tire of my bike fixed. Reginald rode it to a bar in Chapel Hill one night and someone backed into it and bent the front tire. His ride back was a little wonky!

I've mentioned before my obsession with the tricycle cargo bikes that seem to proliferate only in Sweden and Denmark. I'm already looking into trying to rent one of those while we are in Copenhagen. Do you think I could check one on the flight back? I'm sure the airline wouldn't mind hauling all that gigantic splendor.

This mega bike [pictured below] by Workcycles made me laugh...honestly, can you imagine navigating that big daddy?! The description says it can hold TWELVE KIDS and it's uses are "(Big) family transport, schoolbus replacement, circus acts." Love it. If I saw someone riding one of those, I'd have to get their autograph.

If you are in the market for a bike that matches your outfit, Abici has Pantone colored bikes. And it doesn't hurt that the bike itself looks like it just rode in from a picnic in the hills of Tuscany. Was Gregory Peck there, too? Probably.

So, in conclusion, biking is cool. I just might go around putting one of these on all the bikes I see out today...especially the old ones...and the pretty colored ones...and the gigantic ones...

[top image by skippy designs]

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Anna Louise said...

Did you see that Target has a Liberty of London printed bike?!

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