Friday, April 27, 2012


Eight years ago today, this extraordinary little person was born.

When they put him in my arms, everything changed.  I had become a mom, and now fully realized the kind of love that would compel me to exchange my life for his without a moments hesitation because a world in which this perfect creature did not breathe would surely mean the end of my breath too.

Here he is at about a week old:

See that same little furrowed brow? He's always been a perceptive, sincere guy with the kindest heart. The thought of a person being mean or an animal being hurt keeps him up at night. We were watching an SNL skit on YouTube the other night and were all laughing until it came to a part where the guy threw a kid's cake on the ground. Not funny to him at all. I kept telling him that it was just a joke, this whole thing is. But he didn't see any humor in throwing a kid's birthday cake on the ground. My sweet sincere boy. If I talk too loud when I drop him off in his classroom, he gives me a look like "Don't you know we aren't supposed to talk so loud in here?" He worries about being on time and following through with what we've told people. He keeps me in line on everything from the speed limit [I usually tell him, Oh it's fine...Mommy has a special license] to why I tell the carry out restaurant a name other than my own [I never tell people my real name because they don't ever understand what I'm saying & it's just easier to give them a nice, simple one!].

He's also got more energy than any human I know [aside from Reg -- truly like father like son!], and plays basketball nonstop when he isn't in school or sleeping. And he's always loved a good birthday party...


Here's to a weekend full of celebration!

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Anna Louise said...

I cannot believe how old he is getting! He is such the cutest little ninsk of a man, and his being born changed all of our lives for the better ♥

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