Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My [mini] Car Obsession

Spend a day with me and my boys and you will know if a Mini Cooper is even remotely nearby. My 2-yr-old even pointed one out to his teachers in the parking lot of his school. I have loved these cars from the moment they hit the streets in the US. Dreamed about how we could finance one with a graduate student stipend. And even now I try to figure out the logistics of fitting a stroller in the "trunk." Is it possible to fit two carseats, a stroller and a diaper bag? Alas, probably not...and it would probably be so unpleasant that it would take away the fun of the car anyway.

Lately, though, my affections have been shifting. It's the new Fiat 500 I'm after now. It has red leather interior! I've always secretly wanted a Fiat...the old models with the sardine can-like top. I've also always secretly wanted a country house in the South of France where I would drive said Fiat, but that's a whole other post.

Maybe it's the part of me that still wants to hop in the car with just my keys + license and just drive...no snacks to pack, carseats to load, or strollers to worry about. Since they won't hit the states until 2010, I've got some time to figure out how I can justify it...gas mileage? never having to worry about being tagged for carpool? I'm sure I can think of something...

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