Monday, February 9, 2009

A Penny Saved...

Did you have a piggy bank growing up? I never did because we never had a real allowance [if we wanted something, we would either earn it or get it for a present]. I was thinking it could be a fun thing for a child, though, to hear the little pings of coins dropping in. Plus, these days you don't have to just choose between pigs -- there are some great sculptural options out there, including this beautiful Egg Bank [which is a little reproductive sounding to me, even though that's literally what it is!] by J Schatz. It's available in 9 glossy colors and has the capacity to hold 307 quarters, 559 dimes, 278 nickels and 1,350 pennies [for a grand total of $160.05]. Only drawback? It does have a $95 price tag, but at least the rubber stopper on the bottom would prevent you from having to shatter it to get the money out!
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