Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Valentine Fortunes

We just received* a package of Valentines from my sister, and they are so fun. Red felt shaped like a fortune cookie, and inside are two Hershey Kisses and a little strip of paper with her Valentine message. She said she saw the idea in an issue of Martha, and I just googled on her site and found this tutorial. They would also make fun party favors...

*It was not her fault that we just received them -- I am very suspicious of the postal system here, convinced that they just deliver mail when the mood strikes them. It took a week for this package to get here, and we only live a 6 hour drive away! I think I'm also suspicious because this is the 4th city where I have frequented a Post Office, and the workers here are hands down the meanest I've ever encountered. Oddly enough, the ones in Boston were the nicest! So much for geographical stereotypes!


Anna Louise said...

How cute! Your sister must be so creative!

www.rpandsswolfe.blogspot.com said...

Our weezie is so gifted !!!! Rudy and Birdy loved theirs!

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