Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Ultimate Cargo Bike

I just saw this cargo bike by Madsen on Swissmiss, so I went over to check it out. Turns out, you can enter to win one of these beauties! Click here to find out more details. I know my boys would have a blast cruising around in the bucket of this bad boy, but I wonder how challenging it would be to ride. I mean it's so long, and I wonder if it would be like steering those massive two seater carts at Target. Know what I mean?


Heather said...

Those 2-seaters at Target are CRAZY hard to maneuver! ha ha ha! E only gets to ride in them on very special days.

It's a cool looking bike, though. Hope you win! You could increase the challenge by strapping the baby to your back, as well. :)

alston said...

ha! that would definitely be a sight to see! Talk about challenging one's sense of balance...

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