Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Cherry on Top

I received a precious pair of baby bloomers for Maggie from a friend of my mothers. Not only was the gift itself adorable, but the packaging brought a smile to my face -- on the outside of the bag, the seamstress had sewn the monogram that was used on the bloomers:

Definitely the cherry on top!

Here are some other ideas for spicing up all your packages this holiday season:

[From top to bottom: ormolu Christmas alphabet tags; farouche dandy tags; Petit Papetier envelope labels; PaperEclectiques naughty or nice tags]

I finally got around to wrapping some presents this weekend -- I'm so disappointed in my wrapping paper this year [not the one shown below; that's pretty much the only good roll I have] but considering all that has been going on, it's just going to have to do. I'll just hit the sales after Christmas to stock up for next year! Anyway, I figured if I designed a cute tag, then maybe the recipients wouldn't notice the tacky paper...hope it works!


Amanda Thrasher said...

o.k your tags are adorable. I'll pay you to come wrap my gifts and "cute-sy" them up. I love my Christmas cards. Almost all of them went out today. What a bonus the gift tags were. THANK YOU!!!! Merry merry!

nkp said...

I think your package looks beautiful! And all the ideas are brilliant! I'm often guilty of spending more on the package than on the goods inside. I just love a pretty package.

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