Saturday, December 19, 2009


I went to Michael's the other day to look for wallet sized picture frames. While I was there, I happened upon these holiday cookie/treat boxes [pictured above and on sale] by Martha Stewart. I like her craft line. I do. I admit it. So, I had grand visions of whipping up all these different goodies to go in the boxes to give to my kids' teachers. HA! We did make chocolate peanut butter balls...

[the chocolate came later and was a HUGE mess, so the camera wasn't around!]
BUT they did not make it to school yesterday because I ran out of time, and while I always think that I will "just stay up a little later tonight", when 8:30PM rolls around I'm ready to hit the hay. So, we put one box to good use, and took some to our neighbors...

...and the others are stashed away until next year!

Do you have a favorite treat you make this time of year?

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nkp said...

MMmmmmmm, lucky neighbors.

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