Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Sand Table for M

We got the idea for this table from some of our creative friends [thanks, Elisabeth and Jim!]. Ben had all the wood laying around his shop and bought the cement bin at Lowe's. All-in, this bad boy cost about $20 [including the sand], and took about one morning to build.

I, personally, did not have anything to do with the actual building part -- it probably would've taken me much longer to do it, and then I've no doubt it would've been wobbly. That's why it's so great that Reggie D lives with me. I bring him ideas, and he makes it happen. He's cool like that.

We are going to get another tub for water, so we can switch the sand out. It was my experience with the boys that whenever the sand and the water were there side-by-side, the sand and the water ended up mixed together in both bins. Then it got grody. What can I say except that my kids were not born rule followers; not the kids who are concerned about things going in their places.

And yes, sadly, it is still warm enough here for sunsuits.

1 comment:

the dowiaks said...

love this! and that you used the word grody! :)

i see a project for my dad. he builds all our stuff. do yours have lids? reese's class had one of this in their classroom last year (although it was called a sensory table) and her teacher put all kinds of things in there - rice, SHAVING CREAM!, dirt, sand, beans, etc. the kids loved it! i think matson would love it too!

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