Tuesday, October 5, 2010

M's Birthday Celebration

Pictures, at last! I mentioned before that we kept things very small and low-key; some friends, family and cupcakes.

I love first birthdays, and this will be the last one I put together for one of my kids. Red was the main color, with some dots and stripes sprinkled in. Sweets were big, too -- the cupcakes, candy and favors.

We served cucumber tea sandwiches and bruschetta to nibble on.

I made the cupcake toppers from a picture I printed and cut out, and then backed with red paper. The sticks are small lollipop sticks you can buy at Michael's. However, it's sometimes fun to imply that maybe you saved all the sticks from lollipops eaten at your house. As in Oh, we save everything around here! Enjoy!

They were a hit with Mags:

Favors were Rice Krispie treats on a stick and red Swedish Fish. Yum.

The poms poms I made from red tissue and Martha's tutorial. I hung one of the letters of her name from each one.

It was a perfect little first birthday celebration. [You can see the invite and inspiration board here.]

I'm glad we kept it small because most of the time she walked around like this:

Precious girl.


Julie & Jack Perry said...

she's so super cute!

did ben cut out a picture of you and put them on cupcakes also? that would have been a hit!

and oh my...cucumber tea sandwiches make me hungry!

alston said...

ha! that would've been awesome. we needed you here!

Anna Louise said...

So cute! I'm sorry that I missed it; everything looks so awesome!

the dowiaks said...

one year already?! wow. happy birthday, mags! and to you too alston! sorry i missed this! love your decor. i'm all about fun decor for parties. i love your inspiration too!

my newest favorite is pinwheels. google it. they are great and look really easy to make!

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