Thursday, December 2, 2010

Counting Down the Days

My boys have been counting down the days until Christmas for some time now. Last year, they had Lego advent calendars that they loved. I had a hard time finding them this year, though, so I'm on the lookout for something else. And yes, I realize that it is already December 2nd, but they aren't really at the age where they would care too much about missing a few days.

I think I'd like the way this canvas one [above] from Kikki K canvas advent calendar looked better than they would. Unless I filled those pockets with lots of goodies!

Another canvas one [left] from Pilosale. Same deal here -- I like the white, clean lines, while they would probably want something bright and full of treats. If you check out her site, be sure to look at the super cool car bingo set

And I love the Nouveau Design Brooklyn and Amsterdam calendars:

Unfortunately, only a limited number were produced of each. And again, I'd probably like it more than they would. Which leaves me with what? Probably another trip to the store to see if there any toy or candy ones lurking on the shelves!

I have grand visions of making my own, but time seems to go by so quickly this time of year...

I'm going to try and make myself start on this project early for next year. If I can just plan + shop ahead a little it would be fun for the kids. [I don't know the source of the left image -- do you?; right from Country Living]

Do you have a fun advent or "counting down" tradition?

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LLH Designs said...

Love all of them! I just love your taste. So clean. We're doing the Jesse Tree. Awesome devo for free (link on my blog if you want).

Happy weekend!

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