Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Big SC

Not so much for the littlest one:

Merry, merry to you and yours!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A-gift-wrapping I will go...

The next two days are going to be filled with gift-wrapping for me, and I'm actually looking forward to it as long as it involves these 3 things: a little Love Actually, a glass of wine and kids in bed. When it comes to the actual trimmings, I usually operate under the Sound of Music philosophy: brown paper packages tied up with string. And then I top it off with the all-important tag!

I can't seem to get enough of large manila shipping tags. You can buy a 100 pack of these babies at Office Depot for about $6. I had thought about using double sided tape to stick the business card size enclosures I made to the tags, but then I remembered this little machine I've had sitting in the corner collecting dust. About 3 years ago, Reginald D. bought me a Xyron sticker machine, and I have yet to get the thing out of it's box. I think the "machine" part of the name intimidates me. If it just said "Xyron double sided tape dispenser" it probably would've been out of the box a while ago. But last week, I finally got the thing out:

Can I just tell you how addictive it is? It's so easy, and the adhesive is incredibly strong. Before you know it, everything in my house is going to be Xyron-ed!

Some other fantastic tag ideas I've seen around lately:

[left, The Haystack Needle Japanese Tape Tags; right, Sweet Paul]

[left, Eat Drink Chic downloadable tags; right, Ruffled -- These wooden discs would look great if you drilled a hole in them and strung some twine through it]

And a fun article in LMNOP:

How about you? Do you like to wrap gifts or would you rather pay someone to do it? Are you a wrapping paper junkie? Tag junkie? Ribbon junkie? All of the above junkie?

Monday, December 20, 2010

From the Studio

I'm about to head to the printer and pick up the last batch of this year's holiday cards! It has been such a fun season, and I'm so thankful to all my clients for having cute kids, dogs and generally just being cool people. To my regulars, it is an absolute joy to see your pictures every year and be a part of your life in this way. And to the new folks, thank you for choosing to do you cards with me this year -- it has been a true pleasure working with each of you. Thank you!! I hope that your cards put a smile on the face of each and every person who receives one.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Book Art for Kids

A while back, I saw this book [above] on Two Straight Lines, and was so inspired. I know my boys would love something like this, especially with all the Lego figures they create. It's just the whole time thing, you know? As in, when in the world am I supposed to get this done?? The boys are out of school for the next two weeks, and I'm thinking it may be the perfect time to try this out. It also just so happens that the latest issue of LMNOP has a perfectly timed tutorial on making books with your kids:

You can download the full issue here. These could also make fun grandparent gifts. Have any of you ever tried something like this? Any tips?

I'll be sure to post pictures when/if we get out act together. It may be just too much fun to laze about the next two weeks!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Getting Hitched Challenge

Alright, friends -- voting has begun for the latest challenge on Minted! This time around it was for Save-the-Dates. Below are the two that I submitted:

[Hold the Date]

[The Perfect Match]

If you have a moment, please click over and vote!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Window Dressing

A fascinating look at the making of Bergdorf's window displays is in the latest issue of Lonny. Be sure to watch the video, too -- fantastic videography and a perfect song to go along.

I love a good behind-the-scenes!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Shaggy Chic

Further proof that beautiful, vintage tile floors and a white shag rug make even plastic toys look chic. Oh, and old world windows and a chandelier don't hurt either.

[Image from Design Sponge]

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Meet this Mintie...

...over on Minted! "Meet a Mintie" is a fun way to get to know the designers behind the cards a little more, and this time around, the featured designer is yours truly. It's another way that the folks at Minted show the love to their designers.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Because I firmly believe that it's impossible to have too many note pads and lists, especially of different shapes and purposes, this one will probably find it's way to my studio soon...

[Poketo Desk-It, $8]

Monday, December 6, 2010

If I were a cake topper...

...this is the one I'd want to be.

[Flutter Glass Photography via Elizabeth Anne Designs]

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Counting Down the Days

My boys have been counting down the days until Christmas for some time now. Last year, they had Lego advent calendars that they loved. I had a hard time finding them this year, though, so I'm on the lookout for something else. And yes, I realize that it is already December 2nd, but they aren't really at the age where they would care too much about missing a few days.

I think I'd like the way this canvas one [above] from Kikki K canvas advent calendar looked better than they would. Unless I filled those pockets with lots of goodies!

Another canvas one [left] from Pilosale. Same deal here -- I like the white, clean lines, while they would probably want something bright and full of treats. If you check out her site, be sure to look at the super cool car bingo set

And I love the Nouveau Design Brooklyn and Amsterdam calendars:

Unfortunately, only a limited number were produced of each. And again, I'd probably like it more than they would. Which leaves me with what? Probably another trip to the store to see if there any toy or candy ones lurking on the shelves!

I have grand visions of making my own, but time seems to go by so quickly this time of year...

I'm going to try and make myself start on this project early for next year. If I can just plan + shop ahead a little it would be fun for the kids. [I don't know the source of the left image -- do you?; right from Country Living]

Do you have a fun advent or "counting down" tradition?
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