Wednesday, April 13, 2011


M actually turned 18 months at the end of March, but I guess this is what happens with the 3rd -- the milestone is recognized, maybe just a bit late. And knowing what I know of her little personality so far, I'd bet that she'd think it was funny. This girl's got quite a sense of humor, and has managed to wrap us all around her little finger, even the baby boy, who wasn't so keen on her to begin with. At this point in her little life, she's got about a thousand nicknames: magaloo, loo loo, mags and the like. And sometimes "bobby" because she screeches like a bobcat when she doesn't get what she wants.

And she's a wild one. We made it through two rounds of toddler boys, and it's our girl who chips her tooth! I don't know if it's because she has two brothers, but so far I can't tell much difference between boys and girls. If they are wrestling, she will jump right on top of the pile-up. I like a girl who isn't afraid to jump in and let her presence be known, all with a mischievous twinkle in her eyes.

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Heather said...

she's such a sweetie! Love those little sandals. :)

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