Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A 7-yr-old

Our 7-yr-old.

How can it be? When he was a baby, I'd see older kids and think to myself "No way he's ever going to be that old. And carry a backpack." But here we are, and my snaggle-toothed little man is 7. And he has a backpack. And has lunch in the cafeteria without anyone making sure that he eats his healthy food first.

He'd rather kick a soccer ball or dribble a basketball more than pretty much anything else. Besides having sorbet. Yes, sorbet. When we go to the ice cream shop, he chooses Mango Sorbet. Or Lemon if they have it.

Six has been my favorite age with him so far, so I'm a little sad to say good-bye to it. His sweetness, his earnestness -- hopefully those qualities will stick around even through moody-snotty-teenage years.

Happy birthday, my sweet boy.


Taylor Wise said...

Happy Birthday to the birthday boy!

Anna Louise said...

Such a big boy!

Sara Carolina said...

SEVEN! Happy (belated) birthday, Spencer!

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