Thursday, September 1, 2011

Fonville Press

You had me at "Magazines." After I got back from San Francisco, we packed up the car and headed to the Gulf Coast to meet up with my family. Our house was down the road from Alys Beach, and one morning we took the kids over to Fonville Press. Aside from being a hip little cafe, it has by far one of the coolest playgrounds I've ever been to.

Being in Alys Beach makes me want to slather white concrete all over my house, trim everything in rich dark wood and hang up a red awning. I took extensive pictures of the patio at Fonville Press in the hopes of recreating it behind our house, knowing full well it would only be an ugly stepsister in comparison, but maybe a sister just the same?

[I was tempted to Photoshop out that overflowing trash can because it just seems wrong.]

Also in the name of said recreation, I nudged Reg over to the grounds keeper to find out what plants were there. The vine that grows up over the patio [see it growing up the white columns?] is a Chocolate Vine. Cool, right? Easy, no? If only we could recreate the grounds keeper too.

[My little peeps were hot. Oh so hot. Even though there were wicker-camouflaged fans. And the littlest one gets mighty miffed when she's hot.]

I highly recommend checking it out if you are in the area!


Elisabeth said...

How in the world did we miss this?? I guess I'm glad to have a new treasure to find next year. That playground is fantastic! Also, Little Brother loved Sophie so much when he was a baby that, had we let him, he would probably have consumed her entirely. For a LONG time, she was the not-to-be-lost, survival-for-mommy toy in our family. Great gift idea!

Lauren | Palm Papers said...

Alston! I vacation every year at Carillon Beach - Alys Beach's neighbor - and we are leaving for there tomorrow. We actually got married there and love the whole 30A area. George's is my fave restaurant. :) Hope you had fun. it is seriously a beautiful place.

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