Thursday, December 15, 2011

Round Here

Hi! I'm afraid in all the hurly-burly of card season, the old blog here has taken a hit. To make up for that, I'm going to try for an extra long post. Curious what's been going on around here?

Letters to Santa:

(The letter template is a b.wise original, which I have available for free download right here!*)

Fred's back:

I've tried to be a little more creative this year with his spot because I fear that this may be the last year that my oldest gets into it. Their favorite place so far was when Fred was in the Halloween candy bowl [yes, I know Halloween was a month and a half ago]. I opened up a candy bar and pinch a little corner off and had it sitting in his lap. When they discovered him in the morning, they came bounding back into our room shouting "Fred's eating candy!! Isn't that crazy?!" Mind you, these exciting spots are only once in a while -- there's only so much time I can put into this at the moment!

Our tree is up, and I get to look at all my favorite ornaments:

Do you vote white or multicolor lights? For my tree, I vote white, but I'd love to have some multicolor lights outside.

There's been lots of packaging going on:

Only now I need to start in on actual presents! Have you done your Christmas shopping yet? I've got a ways to go myself.

I have started in on holiday card addressing. I designed two different ones for us this year -- more on that after I've sent them out!

That's all from here for now!

*THE FREE DOWNLOAD IS FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY AND REMAINS COPYRIGHTED TO B.WISE PAPERS. Please feel free to spread the word just make sure you link it back here. Thanks, and enjoy!!


LLH Designs said...

I love everything you do. Love your labels and stamp on your kraft envelopes. {Can we talk business packaging in the New Year?} Can't wait to see your card(s)!


Anna Louise said...

Those letters to Santa are the cutest ever! I love yous guys!

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