Friday, December 23, 2011

Joy to You

The two versions of our holiday cards this year! The first is an accordion style that I'd been wanting to try, and Laura's photography was excellent motivation. I love the way it turned out.

I tried out some gold envelopes on these that I'm thinking about adding to the b.wise collection.

The second is a 5x7" version. I always like to have a traditional size version in case I ever get around to making that holiday card album that has been on my list.

My sincerest hopes that you and yours find much joy this holiday season. Merry, merry!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

b.wise papers for Minted // New Years Cards

Minted just started a 15% off promotion* for New Years cards! There are 3 b.wise New Years designs:




And don't forget your liners and labels!

*Use code SLED15 for the discount. Expires 1/2/12.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Round Here

Hi! I'm afraid in all the hurly-burly of card season, the old blog here has taken a hit. To make up for that, I'm going to try for an extra long post. Curious what's been going on around here?

Letters to Santa:

(The letter template is a b.wise original, which I have available for free download right here!*)

Fred's back:

I've tried to be a little more creative this year with his spot because I fear that this may be the last year that my oldest gets into it. Their favorite place so far was when Fred was in the Halloween candy bowl [yes, I know Halloween was a month and a half ago]. I opened up a candy bar and pinch a little corner off and had it sitting in his lap. When they discovered him in the morning, they came bounding back into our room shouting "Fred's eating candy!! Isn't that crazy?!" Mind you, these exciting spots are only once in a while -- there's only so much time I can put into this at the moment!

Our tree is up, and I get to look at all my favorite ornaments:

Do you vote white or multicolor lights? For my tree, I vote white, but I'd love to have some multicolor lights outside.

There's been lots of packaging going on:

Only now I need to start in on actual presents! Have you done your Christmas shopping yet? I've got a ways to go myself.

I have started in on holiday card addressing. I designed two different ones for us this year -- more on that after I've sent them out!

That's all from here for now!

*THE FREE DOWNLOAD IS FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY AND REMAINS COPYRIGHTED TO B.WISE PAPERS. Please feel free to spread the word just make sure you link it back here. Thanks, and enjoy!!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Laura Negri Photography // Fall 2011

We had the luxury of getting our pictures taken by the ever talented Laura Negri Childers last month, and I could not be happier with the way they turned out. The setting was a path to a polo field near by parent's house. It was 4 o'clock in the afternoon on an Atlanta bluebird-sky day, so the light on the fall leaves was amazing. And Laura captured it perfectly.

My sweet boys. They were total rock stars. There was barely any protest over outfits, no tears and they turned on the charm for the camera. We did bribe them with the promise of candy for good behavior, but nevertheless, they came through like champions.

My sweet girl was mighty uncooperative for the first part of the session. When she gets a bee in her bonnet, it's hard to get her to do anything. Thankfully, she came around towards the end and we were able to get some shots where she wasn't glaring or crying [ie, the first picture; if someone wasn't holding her up like that she would start crying]. But I think that's honestly what makes the pictures so special -- that they capture this particular moment in our life as a family with a 2 year old who is wild, knows her own mind and isn't worried about conforming to what we want her to do. She just is who she is and I love that.

A big thanks to Laura for her amazing work! Hop over to her blog to see more!
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