Monday, June 25, 2012


My trip to the NSS in New York City was such a good trip -- lots of time with fellow designers and a feast for all paper lovers. I didn't take many pictures at the show, but my two favorite things were Linda and Harriett's 2013 Quilt Wall Calendar and the 2013 Cities Calendar from Rifle Paper Company:
I'll be sure to find a spot on our walls for both of these when the time comes! One thing that I love about them is that the months can be turned into art. Wouldn't the cities one look amazing with all 12 months framed and hung next to each other? And the large size of the Quilt calendar with the beautiful, bold patterns makes it perfect for framing.

I have some other random pictures, mostly of my room at The Mondrian Soho, which was amazing. If you have the chance, stay there -- you won't regret it. The hotel decor was inspired by the original French version of Beauty and the Beast. And it's hard not to feel like a princess -- there are crystal goblets by the bed for goodness sake!
The beautiful and talented Kelli Hall and I were sure to stop by the restaurant/bar that was inspired by the greenhouse dancing scene. We had so much fun exploring this gem of a hotel, which was a gorgeous respite in the middle of the bustling city. I can't wait to go back. That area of town was so fun, too. The morning I was flying out, I went for a walk to get some coffee and Robert Downey Jr. went jogging past me. Those kinds of things don't happen down here in G-ville!

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Anna Louise said...

Ooo, I really want one of those Cities calendars!

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