Monday, October 15, 2012

Round Here

Helllloooooo!! How are all of you doing?? Boy, it's been a while since I've checked in here. There have been quite a few changes in my world, the biggest of which is that I went back to school!

(This is my hallway...Dana Tanamachi came to the school last spring and chalk lettered the walls.)

I'm getting my MFA in Graphic Design, which is a 3 year, full-time program. It's been good, although definitely an adjustment. One of the highlights so far is getting to operate this beauty:

We were cutting blocks for that project, but the type shop has drawers and drawers full of typefaces. It's glorious. I'm deciding on projects now, thinking some sort of calendar?

In family news, out littlest punkin turned three last month:

The best way to describe her at this stage of life is one minute she's an absolute joy, and then next she's a total wreck. Life at age 3 is so tumultuous. I think the 3's are harder than the 2's personally. She's majorly into mermaids and her "blanklets," singing songs and eating yogurt with m&m's. And most of the time, I could just eat her up I love her so.

What else? Oh, we've already got out Halloween costumes! I was pretty dang proud of myself on that one. H is going to be a football player, S is going to be Harry Potter, and M is going to be...wait for it...a mermaid! I think our neighbor has even procured some mermaid costumes for Reg and I...should be interesting, no?

In studio related news, my new holiday collection for Minted is now available!

Because I started a full-time school program, I will be doing most of my holiday orders through Minted this year. However, if you have worked with me consistently in the past on holiday cards, and would like to do so again this year, please contact me at alston [at] bwisepapers [dot] com. I'll be taking a limited number of orders from my repeat clients. If you decide to order one of my designs through Minted, I'd be happy to help you match-up your photo and make design decisions there, so don't hesitate to get in touch!

One of the newest features this holiday season at Minted is die-cut shapes! There are some great ones, and I think it could be the perfect little twist to your holiday card to make it personal and unique. Minted has software that lets you not only preview your photo on a card, but also see it cut into the shapes. Check out some of my faves:
Sometimes people ask me what my favorite design is, and while I don't like choosing between them, if I had a pet - like a teacher's pet - this one would be it. And I think the reason is because of the story it tells. I remember that first little stocking we got to hang by the fire and what a miraculous feeling it was to be celebrating with our new baby. There's not a chance we are having another one, so I'll just have to live vicariously through all the wonderful people who order it. And then force it on my sister when she has a baby one day.

Alright, back to the shapes! I love the organic curves of this one, and combined with the timeless typography of the design and a beautiful photo, it would be a gorgeous card to send.

The tag shape is great fun, and looks especially cute with ribbon tied through it.

And lastly, another one of my favorite designs, the elegant, classic typography and composition of Classic Merry works with several of the new shapes.
That's all I've got for now, but hopefully, I won't be away for so long next time. Peace and happy fall!

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