Friday, July 9, 2010

Inspired By [Summer]

Sleeping in [as in not having to get a child to school by 7:35 AM], cooking out, sleepovers, wearing bathing suits all day, tents and sleeping bags, smores [the boys even invented their own version called "barf your face off smores," which translates "stack as many candy bars and marshmallows you can and then eat as much as you can until you barf." Charming, no?]...there's a lot to be said for summertime. What's your favorite part?

[Image credits -- top row: clothesline Lonny Magazine; tent Poppytalk; Tweet by Willowbaus sailboat. middle row: The Parent Trap via Design Sponge; dinosaur jump house 100 Layer Cake; barn Style Me Pretty. bottom row: Ellen Silverman Smores; pick up Style Me Pretty]

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