Monday, July 19, 2010

Strollers // Buggies // Klapvogne

Alright, friends, I need your advice. I'm on the hunt for a lightweight stroller to use strolling around the streets of the world's happiest country. Below are the three that I'm considering:

[#1 [left] is the Cybex Onyx; #2 [center] is the Mutsy easyrider; #3 [right] is the Maclaren Triumph]

I'm going to be honest with you -- I'd buy that Mutsy in a second if I could find a white one anywhere in the US. All I can find is Navy or Red, which I know would make more sense, what with all the various goo and gunk that will surely land on it's surface, but that white is singing it's siren song to me and I can't help it. The Maclaren is tried and true, but it sure seems dinky next to the other two. Plus, the other two have gotten fantastic reviews online. They are all about the same price [around $150] and have similar features. The biggest thing for me [and the reason I'm not looking at less expensive models] is a reclining, comfortable seat for naps on the go.

If any of you have had any experience with one of them, or know of one I'm missing, please let me know!


LLH Designs said...

My strollers were mostly hand me downs and not very hip, so I can't say. BUT...I'd love to hear more about your trip!

Sara Carolina said...

What have you been using these last few months? I just finished buying a barely-used Maclaren on Craigslist. Don't know how good Craigslist is in FL, but I am delighted with my purchase. Don't know if that's a possible route for you. =)

alston said...

we have a joovy caboose that we keep in the car, which has a little bench on the back for one of the boys. and other than that one, we use the big double BOB. crazy that we've had three and don't have a single lightweight stroller! i've checked craigslist here, and there isn't anything. thinking about checking atlanta's as they probably have more to offer. good to know you like your Maclaren!

the dowiaks said...

i don't know the first two brands, so i can't speak to those except that they are neat looking. i can however talk about the third one. i have a maclaren triumph (same grey as the picture!) and i can only say great things about it. i used it when we lived in budapest. seriously, i didn't leave home without it - ever. it went off and on lots of public transportation, through many airports and planes, up and down stairs and escalators, down countless sidewalks (wet, dry, snowy, muddy, whatever) and across tons of cobblestone streets and you wouldn't even be able to tell. it's held up fabulously. so, i can recommend the maclaren triumph.

as an aside, before we moved to budapest i bought a rain cover that was made for this stroller and it was one of the best purchases i made for our adventures. we walked through cold and rain a lot and that rain cover was well used. it was way better than buying an off brand cover that didn't fit perfectly to the stroller. you may not have wanted to know that, but it's a great tip for you or another momma. :)

oh, i should say that it handles very well too. that's important.

i miss that stroller. it has traveled many miles and has lots of memories!

Anna Louise said...

So, judging purely on appearances because I have no knowledge of usage, I think that the MacClaren is the most stylish looking and looks the easiest to travel with (looks the lightest in weight). However, the others look a little more substantial and might be more comfy for Mags-- tough choice . . .

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