Wednesday, January 12, 2011


You know what I find amazing? When I see ordered stacks of books and magazines like these:

[How great is the artwork in this one, too?]

or these:

and these:

How in the world do they keep them stacked up so nicely?! If M [or H + S for that matter] were anywhere in striking distance those stacks would be swiped, leveled and scattered. And that sweet little plant in the second picture would be toast, too.

For now, we have to keep books either on bookshelves or above 3 feet high. When we were moving books onto our shelves, my sister said sweetly "You know, I like it when books are at the front of the shelf." I know, me too. But if I did that it would only be a matter of minutes before they were pushed to the back anyway! And our coffee table?

Vogue Living gets my apologies everyday for the abuse it suffers. I tell it not to worry, that it's building up character.

[First Image: Per Gunnarsson; Second Image: Freunde von Freunden Olaf Hajek; Third Image: Lonny Magazine]


the dowiaks said...

girl, i'm with ya! every time i light a candle i think about how i used to be able to put it on my coffee table. sigh. i should note that sometimes i do after the kids go to bed, but usually it's like yours with toys and/or children on it. :)

btw, i love your new blog heading!

Anna Louise said...

Haha! Love it! But, one day you will be able to have nice stacks and books at the front of the shelves . . . just wait about 10 years, ok?
I love the new look of your heading, too!

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