Monday, January 24, 2011

To Chalk Paint or Not

How do you feel about chalk paint? I can't decide. I really like the way it looks in the kitchen, especially when people draw/write cool things on it, but what about erasing? Is there dust everywhere? And when it has been erased over and over does it get messy looking?

Please enlighten me if you can!

[Images from top to bottom: Adore Magazine; Desire to Inspire; Design is Mine; Lonny Magazine; Freunde von Freunden]

PS: To the Google Reader folks, you got a sneak peak at Thursday's post! This is what happens when I try to do too many things after a long day. Spencer turns 5 on Thursday, and I was trying to get a jump start on his birthday post, but alas, somehow it published, and posts go straight into the old google reader. SO, on Thursday, the real birthday post will be up!


Elisabeth said...

We just installed a huge homemade chalkboard in our "project/dining room" and I'm a little disallusioned. The paint doesn't clean up as nicely as a real chalkboard--to get it black again takes a lot of work, which means I'm seldom changing the look of it. I think we'll replace it quickly. I love the look of it in pictures, though--just not as much in real life:). Also, the chalk dust goes everywhere...

Sara Carolina said...

You should talk to Julie about it - they have a chalkboard wall in their kitchen.

Heather said...

As an alternative, you can get huge whiteboard sheets to cover walls at places like home depot, if the chalk is too much mess or work. I love the idea of a chalk wall, but then I think about the dust and get a little turned off!

LLH Designs said...

Looks a little too chaotic/messy. Seems like your kitchen would never really look clean (because used chalkbaors never really look pretty...unless you're a stellar chalk artist!).

Just my humble opinion!

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