Friday, February 25, 2011

Packed with Love

It's always an exciting afternoon when a package is sitting on our porch. And even more exciting when that package has something like this on the side:

Because then we know it's from Weez, and there's going to be some good things inside! This time was no exception. She was sending Spencer his toy dog cage that he had left at my parents, but threw in some fabric samples for me, too. Weez, you're the best.

We are in the process of getting slipcovers made for two chairs in our living/dining room and an ottoman in the family room. There was one in particular that caught my eye:

Here it is in a room:

You like? I tend to upholster our sofas and chairs in solids because I'm afraid I'll get sick of a pattern, but since we are getting slipcovers, I kind of want to do something bold and fun. We'll see! [UPDATE: Weez just called me and told me that fabric was discontinued! She's friends with some folks in that showroom, so they let her take the larger swatches. No longer an option, which is probably good considering what the price tag would have been. But it's good inspiration, and maybe we'll make some pillows out of the remnants...]

In weekend news, we are having a little birthday dinner at our house tonight for our good friend, and I'm making this amazingly delish pasta that I found on The Pioneer Woman. I use grilled chicken instead of shrimp. Nothing against shrimp, just prefer chicken. It gets 5 stars from me, which in my rating system means it's not too complicated and super tasty.

Have a good one, friends!

[Last image from AGA in House Beautiful]


Anna Louise said...

I'm so glad that you can appreciate all of my details! :) That pasta sounds yummy too; we'll have to make it when I come to see you in couple of weeks!

Shannon Morrison said...

that pasta is one of our favorites...add 1/8 tsp of crushed red pepper and it's even better!

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