Monday, February 7, 2011

Rain and Branches

Hello! How was your weekend? Ours was good -- dreary, but good. We've had a lot LOT of rain lately. Think about all the snow everyone has been getting and just translate that to rain down here. We went to the library on Saturday. M "entertained" everyone by doing sprints around the stacks and squealing. The librarians love it when we show up. I checked out Valley of the Dolls. Thought it might be good in that Real Housewives kind of way: a little dark and twisted mixed up in absurd dysfunction. I decided to balance it out with a Rascal Flatts CD.

Anyway, I've recently discovered this website called Made by Joel. It's a blog by one decidedly creative dad who creates things for his kids. One of my favorites is this post on branch trees:

A perfect way to bring the outdoors in when the weather shall I say it nicely...crummy. See all his clever creations here!

1 comment:

Anna Louise said...

So, where can i get some of those little owls to play with?

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