Thursday, February 17, 2011


Y'all, I've got to start doing something with my hair. Really. I like having my hair off my face, so I tend to pull my hair back all the time [Evidence of such in this post and this one]. But it is time to spice up the pony. Since I joined Pinterest, I keep seeing these pretty little do's that are inspiring me:

It makes me laugh when I see these styles termed "messy." I've got the messy part down, but truly, these aren't actually "messy!" I guess messy in that "I've spent a long time getting my hair to look this particular mess" kind of way.

I think I need some product, too. Not much of a product gal, but that may be because I haven't found the right one. With all the humidity down here, those natural good hair days [like the ones experienced in say, Wyoming] are few and far between. Gotta make them happen!

Now I just need to figure out how to either a: actually get my hair to do these things or b: finagle a way to get my own personal hairstylist, who will come to my house every morning and do my hair while I'm wiping up gobs of oatmeal. Sounds dreamy, no?

UPDATE: As if on cue, while I was typing and mulling over this post before I published it, I saw this awesome tutorial on Cup of Joe about making a "messy side ponytail!" I think I just might be able to pull this one off...

And PS: If you are on Pinterest, let me know!


Anna Louise said...

Teet, I always think of you as having the perfect "messy" pony! I like when you do the bobby pin in the middle and then the pony tail with the wisps down on the sides-- you totally look hot , always!

alston said...

You're the best! Just when I get down about my ponies, you know just how to make me feel better. What are sisters for, right? I think Seldon would die if she knew I hadn't had a haircut since the last time with her! I'm just afraid to let anyone else cut it.

And I'm so glad that you think I look hot. I think you look hot too. I'm always jealous about how you can do the bobby in the middle and not have to pull the rest of your hair into a pony.

Anna Louise said...

Thanks, Teet! We can just sit around and admire each other i guess!

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