Friday, July 1, 2011

Summer Baby Challenge

As if you needed something to do over this 3 day weekend, here's something you could do if you felt so inclined: vote in the Minted Baby Announcement Challenge! Below are my 3 submissions [click on the image to go to that card's voting page]:

Sunburst Monogram

Announcing the Arrival

The Only Show

I was inspired for The Only Show by how Ben and I would just watch Henry sleep. Literally, sitting in our living room in the evening and just staring. Every little nose wrinkle and squeak was much more entertaining than any TV show! I wish I'd thought of it for M's baby announcement. Although with her, there wasn't as much sitting around and staring. How about all you other parents out there -- did you do the same?

Hope you have a fantastic 4th!

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