Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Botanical Scares

While we were in Atlanta this past weekend we went to the Botanical Gardens. They were having a Halloween exhibit of scarecrows, and it was so fun to see all the different interpretations. Here are some of my favorites...

[by SCAD]

[by a mortgage company, it's Fannie + Freddie - scary indeed!]

[by Fernbank Museum; my youngest roaring is not a normal part of the exhibit:)]

[by this point I stopped remembering who did what...the boys were with me, what can I say?!]

[And lastly, my favorite; don't know whose it is, but it's so clever!]

And here are two bonus pictures of my favorite sculptures in the gardens...

I'm already planning a trip back over Christmas - I bet it looks amazing all lit up!


Anna Louise said...

I love the pic of slw roaring!

Sam Brookman said...

Is that Ben doing the puppet show??? ha

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