Friday, October 17, 2008


The ads for Ann Sacks are some of my favorites...I love how the photos [which have no tile in them] totally relate to the tile featured below them. Imagine how boring the ads would be if it were just the tile, and here they've composed images seemingly unrelated to tile, yet completely jiving with it. A little creativity is a wonderful thing!


erika @ urban grace said...

oohhh lah lah! lovely! i've had another blog site saved in reader that I thought was yours (I didn't know I was missing out on all this goodness!!!)... so glad to see your fantastic posts!

the dowiaks said...

oh my! these are fabulous! i have been telling matt for the past few months that i dream of having a bathroom or kitchen with beautiful glass tiles in it. blue. blue for the water i love! maybe the whole thing in tiles, maybe just a little. (price might decide that for me.) i hope to make that dream come true once we purchase a home of our own. i'll definitely bookmark ann sacks. she has wonderful stuff!

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