Thursday, March 5, 2009

Catalog Day

Yesterday was catalog day at my house -- I kid you not, 7 showed up in our mailbox. Curious what I tore out?

The Land of Nod has amazing storage options. I'm digging the colorful organization of this kid closet. Sadly, at my house, it wouldn't look like that for long before the boys tore into it! A girl can dream, though.

Oh, Anthropologie. I can always count on a clean, creatively formatted catalog from them filled with all sorts of eye candy in the form of pretty patterns, textures and cuts.

I tore out this page [above] because I've got my eye on these shoes...

They are made by Frye, and I'm wondering how comfortable they are?

Pottery Barn always gets me with their organization accessories -- I can't imagine if I had a wall like this in my house. I'm wondering if keeping the organizing wall organized would stress me out, though?!

I liked the theme of J.Crew -- kind of like a road trip across America. This ensemble in particular caught my eye, but let's be honest -- there is no way in the world I could wear that silk skirt and it not look disastrous after 10 minutes. Still, orange, gray and gold -- does it get better than that?

And lastly, this new catalog, Cambria Cove, carries Claus Porto soaps [not cheap, I know, but I love the packaging]:

And some beautiful stationery [also pricey, but the designs are lovely]:

That's all the catalog inspiration I've got for now! What catalogs do you look forward to receiving in the mail?

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