Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sugar, Sugar

I keep seeing articles in my magazines [Cookie, Elle] about the kid and parent friendly restaurant in NYC called Sweetiepie. The interior is quite charming, and the food looks scrumptious. I wish we had plans to travel to NYC soon, so I could take the boys there -- they would love all that sugary goodness [probably wouldn't think twice about the pink frills -- I could just focus them on the part of the mural with Star Wars stormtroopers!].

All the decadence reminds me of the movie I mentioned in this post. It would be fun to try and recreate the Sweetiepig [that enormous dish 'o treats] for a birthday party!

Ralph Lauren held a party there in celebration of his new Bleecker Street children’s store. Check out these carriages that transported the guests from Sweetipie to RL...honestly, could a carriage be any more lovely?

[above 2 images from Vanity Fair]

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