Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Have a [Yellow] Seat

Could you do it? Part of me really wants to take the plunge, and buy bright yellow chairs. The other part of me is afraid that I would love the chairs for a bit, and then be totally over them. What do you think? Could you commit to so daring a color for more than a few months?

[If you could, these chairs are currently on sale at West Elm -- they come in a spring green, too!]


erika said...

oooh good question! i think as long as it's a yellow that can take on many different personalities then it's safe... but that yellow is pretty bold. I'm not much help am I!? I'd let it boil down to the price... if they are a total steal, I say go for it... then when you tire of them you don't feel so bad parting with them! :)

Kit said...

Alston, I could totally go for those chairs! I LOVE yellow so much. In fact, we've already got some yellow in our dining room, so they would probably be too much for that room. But our kitchen chairs do need some help...I love them!

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