Monday, July 27, 2009

Pain in the...

...Groceries! We had such a fun and successful weekend with my parents and sister -- doors are back on, a little repainting {I never would've done this had my sister not been here because I am SO tired of painting. BUT it was definitely worth it! I was not happy with one of the colors we had picked out, but was going to live with it until Weez had an inspiration and we went for to come of the entryway as soon as I can get the paper off the floor and art on the wall...}, cookouts, baseball and a little Apples to Apples {such a fun game if you've never played it}. Anyway, this morning they left, and I was left with the task of getting our house moving for the week. This free printable list {above} from Vale Design made me smile as I set off this morning to stock us up...not only does it have a sense of humor, but it also gets point for organization without being too overwhelming.

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Vale Design said...

Thank you for the link! xoxo

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