Monday, November 30, 2009

Cabin Fever

Even though our Thanksgiving was wonderful, we did have a little bit of Cabin Fever going on by the end of last week...all three of mine have colds, but my younger was one sick little fella, so we did not do much the whole weekend. I took advantage of all our time around the house, and caught up on the growing stack of magazines on my side table [since I now get in bed at 8:30 there isn't a lot of time for my nightly magazine read/show watching!]. I just finished the September Cookie [I'm also trying to savor this magazine...can't believe it will be no more...], where they featured this beautiful cabin...I'd move-in in a heartbeat!

[See the full slideshow here]

1 comment:

nkp said...

If you want to move in, you're going to have to kick
me out first! ;0). I've posted this one too. I love how the rustic home plays off the modern furnishings. What a perfect pairing!

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