Thursday, November 12, 2009

Not Your Mother's Dollhouse

I loved my dollhouse growing up. It was probably my favorite toy, and I've got it stashed away at my parents, waiting for the day that one of my own becomes interested in it. But they've come a long since I was little. Most recently, Minimii has commissioned a mini replica of Arne Jacobsen's own 1928 house.

And what might a house like that be furnished with? Not your average frou-frou settee, but Egg and Swan chairs. And each lamp in the house has it's own lithium battery.

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nkp said...

As you know, I have no little girls, but that wouldn't stop me from buying this. That's drop.dead.gorgeous. I think I would display this on a beautiful farmhouse table in a "library room" busting at the seams with books. Now that's my kind of playroom! ;0)

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