Thursday, November 19, 2009

Creative Space

Today, I am all about inspiration for my work space...

[above images from Living Etc.]

[image from domino magazine...sigh...]

Do you get as curious as I do about other people's offices? The folks at Martha Stewart posted a feature about their offices -- very fun to take a look around!

[This is my kind of office...I'll bet the owner of this office knows exactly which pile contains what. That's how I operate, and Ben is always amazed when he asks me for something and I go directly to the pile of papers it is in -- mess with my piles and we've got problems!]

1 comment:

nkp said...

HA! And I thought I was the queen of piles! That's hilarious...but there's a method to our madness, right!?! At least that's what I tell myself. ;0)

These are gorgeous examples of work spaces and that spectacular black floor in the third shots is giving me the shivers...ooh, aah!

By the way, I just have to ask, how do you make your images so large and beautiful. I can never get blogger to let me post anything other than puny snapshots. Will you share your secret, pretty please? :0)

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