Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Across the Pond

Guess where Ben was just asked to speak at a conference? You'll never guess because I wouldn't have. For a US historian, I would've guessed, you know, Kansas or Pennsylvania. No folks, he has been asked to go to COPENHAGEN! As in DENMARK! And guess who else gets to go? ME!

Denmark has this mystical, magical aura about it. And Scandinavian design -- ooh-la-la -- I love it! My first reaction was to jump up and down on the bed screaming "WE'RE GOING TO DENMARK!!!" And then all the logistics kick in -- um, remember the three kids? The older ones aren't as tricky, but baby girl will most likely have to come with us, which makes me a little nervous -- we've traveled tons with small kids on planes, but only in the US. I've never taken an international flight with a child. Come to think if it, I haven't traveled overseas since 2001 -- I am WAY overdue! So, any advice from you guys [Hilary, you're probably an expert in this area!] would be awesome, more specifically,

--Would a child under 1 year need her own passport?

--Have any of you been on a 9+ hour flight with a tot?

And as if I needed any other encouragement, check out these images of local homes taken by Richard Powers:

I think it might be time to go dust off the old passport!!! Who knows, we may come back looking like these youngsters...

[from copenhagen street style]


Sara Carolina said...

Wonderfully exciting! Yes, you need a passport for your MayLew. You would even need it if you were just going across to the Mx border! The process is speedy though - we got Diego's back in just a matter of weeks and we didn't pay the rush expense either.

the dowiaks said...

as sara said, yes baby girl needs a passport and it IS super fast for the little ones. we got matson's back in budapest in like 5 days which means his paper work was sent to the USA, completed and sent back to hungary for us to pick up - that quickly. amazing the government CAN do something quickly! ha!

i DO have some tips for you, so i'll email you soon. YOU CAN TOTALLY DO THIS even with baby girl in tow. at least you'll only have ONE with you! :) so fun!!

nkp said...

That is so exciting and sounds like it will be such fun! I can't offer you advice on traveling with the little, we've only just begun dipping our toes into airline travel with the threesome and only within the U.S., but I would totally do it if the opportunity presented itself!

Ha! My word verification is "wings!"

Heather said...

I'm so excited for you!!! You're going to have so much fun!! Yay!!

Some of the airlines have bulkhead seats with little bassinets for babies. Perhaps you'd be able to get one of those. E used one when we flew with her to Ireland at 13 mo.

Anna Louise said...

Love that Kitchen architecture!

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