Monday, February 15, 2010

A Peony for Your Thoughts

The Peony is my favorite flower. I love them. I would have a yard full of them if I could. Sadness for me, peonies need 4 distinct seasons, so I don't think they would do that well down here. Anyone tried to grow them in the South? Yesterday, Ben went on a peony search for Valentine's and came to find that they were in short supply because of this weird winter. I wonder if Martha's peonies are okay...have you seen her garden? It's amazingly beautiful...

Here they are on display at one of her parties -- check out the monster blooms!

[All images from Martha's blog, where you can read all about her party and her peonies]

I wish I could bring you all an arm full of peonies!


meg said...

in a pinch, try a ranunculus. we can get them in atlanta, even in the cold and dreary months. they're my all-time favorite, though your pictures are making me rethink peonies. and making me want to move in with martha.

have been loving reading your blog - found it through fb a while back. hope all is well with you and those adorable babies!


meg s. from chi o (ah, the good old days, right?)

LLH Designs said...

My mom has TONS of peonies growing in her garden up in Maine. It amazes me that they can be beaten down with heavy snow and cold temps for so long, then erupt in full glory when the sun warms the ground. A flower worth loving for sure!

Anna Louise said...

Peonies are my favorite too!
They are just so lush and feminine!

nkp said...

Oh, mine too. So amazing! Give it a try. We had them
in our first house, courtesy of the original owners, and they grew despite my black thumb. My grandmother grew them, here in Georgia, and my in-laws had successful blooms last summer.

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