Friday, February 19, 2010


A little late on this post right? Valentine's was last Sunday! But I've actually thought a lot about love over the past two days. [*BE FOREWARNED: if you don't have kids and/or have a weak stomach you may just want to look at the image and move on...I'm just saying...*] My oldest came down with the dreaded stomach bug a couple nights ago. I can roll with most things that come along with small kids -- give me a split lip or strep throat any day. But a stomach bug? UGH. So, as I was rubbing my son's back at 2 a.m. while he was getting sick, my mind started spinning: "will the others get it?" "will we all get it?" "after three pregnancies filled with vomit, haven't I had enough of it for a lifetime?!" But then, I had this moment when I realized [I say "I" but I know it wasn't me] -- this is love. Raw, unconditional love. Love that is roll up your sleeves and jump in dirty. Here it is; just be in it.

While that doesn't make that particular moment any more pleasant, it does make me glad. Glad that my son has a mother. Glad that I get to be his mother. And I hope that way more often than not our kids will feel that kind of love in our house -- that through the good, the bad and the ugly they have parents who stick by them.

Anyway, that's what is on my mind today...hope your weekend is LOVE-ly!

[I thought it would be kind of me to accompany the not so pleasant image of a child getting sick with this contrastingly pleasant image from Country Living via Sweet Paul]


Esther Plaster said...

i *Love this post Alston. i pray that the babes get all better and that you do NOT get the bug. i am right there with you babe! love esther

nkp said...

Didn't you know that vomit spelled backwards is L-O-V-E! Seriously, but only moms get that memo. ;0). I couldn't agree with you more, being there, in THAT very moment is what it's all about. We once had the stomach yucks at the same time, the entire household and it was awful, but nothing is as fulfilling as soothing your little one(s).

What a wonderful post, Alston. Hope everyone is all better!

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