Friday, May 7, 2010

Letters and Things

My first week of letter writing has been great! I'm so glad I wrote about it here because it really makes me stick to it knowing that I have put it out there. I also made myself some new address labels, so that has helped keep me excited [our address is removed for obvious reasons, but you can get the idea!].

How are the rest of my fellow writers doing? Has it been good/bad/awesome/annoying/challenging/therapeutic/other?

On a side note, Henry came home with the most amazing thing [to me, anyway] this week -- a book he had written and illustrated called "My Family." All you other boy moms out there may be able to sympathize with me on this [and you mothers of girls who don't offer up much information], but I have no idea what he works on at school. I'm the mom at parent's night on the edge of my seat, listening to every word the teachers are saying with the hope of gleaning something - anything - about what he does at school. So when he comes home with a book like this, I almost start crying. I love it -- his precious little illustrations, his words [the words were typed out, but the original writing was stapled into the back]. This is definitely one of those things that I will treasure forever. One of my favorite parts? How he pictured Maggie being held in "the black thing." [aka The Baby Bjorn].

He also showed up one day with his Science Fair project poster. Um, I didn't even know that he had something in the Science Fair! He was so proud of his green ribbon. As he put it "Look at my ribbon! Everyone got one!" Love it.

We went to Spencer's Spring Music Performance this morning. There are few things more precious to watch than a bunch of preschoolers singing with motions.

That's all from here for now -- have a fantastic weekend, and Happy Mother's Day to all you moms out there!


LLH Designs said...

Owls rock...and I'm loving what I can see of your notecard (like the full bleed and rounded corners). You inspire me! xo...Linsey

RonnyLitchfie6521 said...


Anna Louise said...

Where are my owl labels???

Meghan said...

I have been meaning to leave a little note of gratitude for the fabulous labels you sent! They have inspired me to write letters to friends...admittedly not everyday...but I am thoroughly enjoying sitting down with a pen and a note of love to send.
Thanks you.
Meghan (lover of blog giveaways)

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