Monday, May 17, 2010

Out in the Open

Open shelving. Scares. Me. But I love it when it isn't in my kitchen! And I love seeing how other people manage to pull it off so well. Do you have open shelves in your kitchen? If not, could you?

[Images: 1st Option; Re-Nest; Emily Gilbert; Martha; Tine K Home; Emmas Blogg; Country Living; Living Etc.; Richard Powers; I don't know??; Lonny]


LLH Designs said...

No way, no how. No open shelves in the kitchen pour moi!

Kit said...

Love how it looks in the pics but would NEVER work for me...too much dusting and organizing. It would make me crazy!

Anna Louise said...

Look, Alston, maybe once you are past the sippy cup stage you could do this, ok?

the dowiaks said...

i love the open shelving concept! i have a few glass cabinets where i store my more decorative serving pieces and wine glasses. i don't see why you can't have a little bit of open shelving in your kitchen. i agree sippy cups wouldn't work well on the shelves. they should be down low so they are kid accessible anyway. i say go for it!

Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

Well. Considering that due to the extremely destructive people I live with our dishes and cups are "eclectic", i just don't think we could pull it off. We'd look more like a Goodwill shelf.

And hey, where's all their Children's Tylenol and Roach Away?

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