Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Bit of Holiday Inspiration

Hey gang. It's been a crazy week over here. Last night, I was pouring myself a glass of wine, and then proceeded to put the wine bottle back into the cupboard with the wine glasses instead of the fridge. Walked away and thought "why does that not feel right?"

There are several reasons for the fog I'm walking around in: last week of school events, a Brandi Carlisle concert [Oh yes, it was amazing as always. I'm just the teeny tiniest bit obsessed with her and Tim and Phil. And now the unbelievable drummer Ali. She was headed to Charleston after our show here, and I was tempted to just follow the tour bus. Brandi in Charleston -- what could be better?!], a teething baby who just decided that being immobile wasn't really her thing, and lastly, trying to muster up as much constant creative energy as possible to get holiday card designs churned out.

It was a bit comical to me designing holiday cards in June in the South where it is as hot as the dickens and the constant refrain in our house these days is "Close the door! You're letting out the bought air!" Anyhow, above are some images that inspired me for the latest batch. And below is the now mobile little nugget...

I'll be back soon, hopefully with less loopiness! Peace out.

P.S. you can follow the link on the right to see my latest holiday design...

[Images clockwise top left to center: anyone?; snippet & ink typewriter; martha; smashing magazine; anyone?; martha; marc johns antler illustration; style me pretty pie; wovenplay hoola girl]

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