Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Nixty, Nixty

Birdy [my mom] has a big birthday today! She'd be upset with me if I told which number, but there is a hint in the title. Happy Birthday, Bird -- we love you!

[Above picture from Sea Island, GA circa 1984. I'm standing to the left of my mom -- love her rockin' pixie cut and shades!]


julie perry said...

i'm thinking that you are rockin' the strawberry shortcake swmsuit!

love that emmy is the oldest and the only one with a life jacket on.

alston said...

you better believe it! i have a picture from the same day of me fishing where you can see my totally 80's swimsuit better...and my mullet.

and i just noticed that my dad is holding a ciggie -- oops!

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